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OMOiOMO Compilation #01

4 stories to challenge our preconceptions...

120+ full pages of illustrations to give you new thoughts...

1 thick book of stories to give you new experiences...

The Stories

The Creature Without a Name book cover

The Creature Without a Name

A story about loneliness and how our "wants" and "needs" generally are two different things...

The Snail Rider book cover

The Snail Rider

A story for the days overwhelmed with stress...

The Mister Who Lost His Mind book cover

The Mister who Lost His Mind

A story about daring to go ones own way...

The Troll Dance book cover

The Troll Dance

A story about how thinking we know, and having preconceived notions, pollute us...

This book of 4 stories, and over 120 pages of illustrations, is the first compilation of original stories by Peter Hertzberg released through OMOiOMO!

Get the Book!

The book is available as a hardcover book with pages printed on high quality photo paper in A4 format (21x29,7cm) directly from the printing company Peecho for 49€+postage.

(the print-on-demand book generally arrives within two weeks from when the order was placed. If there’s any problem with the order, Peechos customer service will help you to the best of their abilities.)

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