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    What would it mean to you to be able to read illustrated stories made for the love of the craft and not for market appeal? To know that when you're buying a book the money goes to support the artist and not to pay a group of middlemen?

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    Illustrated stories about cognitive biases and the tricks our minds play on us...


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    Think about it: Knowing that while you're supporting an independent creator you get not only...
    A book about both the strength to try and the strength to be weak told through 3 stories and more...
    4 stories to challenge our preconceptions... 120+ full pages of illustrations to give you new...
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    Find answers to frequent questions...

    Peter Hertzberg

    Who are You?

    My name is Peter Hertzberg and who am I?

    I am a magician...
    ... an alchemist transforming the grey reality in to colorful future through a mixture of images, sounds & words
    ... an illusionist conjuring dreamworlds full of adventures of conquering the dragons we all carry inside

    Some say I am foolish for what I sacrifice while striving for my dreams. Still, my discipline burns with a fire only outshone by my passion to improve my craft, because I believe the only true fools are the people who do not live for their dreams.


    You can find more on my website: peterhertzberg.com

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    Why OMOiOMO?

    Because I had to... 

    They've helped me during hard times, but also given me problems with daydreaming in class and at work. No matter the situation stories have always been probably the most important thing in my life. Something I just can't manage to be without.


    I want to tell stories, many stories, and share them with the world. It is my hope that, after 50 years, there will be people who, when thinking back to magical and important things from their childhood, that they will think of a story I've told. To achieve this I need to tell many stories, to increase my experience and skill level.


    This is why I started OMOiOMO.


    OMOiOMO allows me to tell the stories that I feel are the most important, and in a way I feel is the most moving, without having to worry about how they will be perceived by publishers and the industry. It allows me to work in different styles and techniques to challange myself as an artist and push myself to get better rather than having to have a "personal style" thats's commercial.


    Under the label of OMOiOMO I'm creating 1-2 picture book length stories per month, or chapters if a part of a longer story, but I release them in compilations of about 4 stories per book (unless it's a longer story in one book). I'm doing this partially of the egotistical reason that it's simpler for me to manage fewer releases and it'll allow me to focus more on creating. Mainly though, the reason for releasing the stories as compilations, is that I, especially when I was a child, often would get frustrated with picture books, and sometimes comics, because I felt that they ended too quickly and where far too short. With the compilations there is more to experience...

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    I'm curious about the printed books. Could you tell me about them?

    They are print on demand books... 

    The books are printed as hardcover books with the interior using glossy 200g paper and high quality printing normally used for photo books and not picture books or comics. I chose to have the books printed in higher quality than normal because I believe the physical feeling of a book influences the reading experience.

    The books are sold via Peecho, a Dutch print-on-demand company using printers all around the world. As they receive your order they print the book at the printer closest to you and then the book is sent to you directly from the printer. The book generally arrives within two weeks from when the order was placed. 

    If there’s any problem with the order, Peechos customer service will help you to the best of their abilities.

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    Can you tell me why I should buy your books?

    To be honest, you probably shouldn't...

    Not knowing you personally, I can only answer assuming you’re an average person, in which case: You should not buy my books! Why?

    • My books aren’t what you see filling up the shelves at book stores as “safe-bets” for selling. I take risks with my work.
    • My books don’t have the cheapest prices and don’t participate in the race to the bottom trying to appeal with low prices rather than quality content.
    • My books don’t have a design chosen based on what an editor thinks will sell. The design of my books are based on what I feel will convey the story the strongest.
    • My books aren’t made to appeal to the larger mass, so they aren’t, and will probably never be, on any top seller lists. If you like to have others tell you what you should like, my books aren’t for you.

    In short, you probably shouldn’t buy my books. Instead go buy something average.

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